Our Mission

The My psych Teacher University mission is to provide quality educational services and resources to empower the mental health community to learn and heal. We accomplish this mission in adherence to the following purposes:

Providing a variety of mental-health-focused programs and services; Empowering students to grow where they are planted, through a non-traditional curriculum delivery method; and Offering courses, programs and services that meet students’ needs and prepare them for success in psychology and mental health related roles.

About My Psych Teacher University

Shenica Graham

Founder / President / CEO

My Psych Teacher University (MPTU) is a fully online educational community offering flexible interactive courses in psychology, specializing in mental health and other topics under the umbrella of psychology. Our courses help students transform their mental health journey from anywhere in the world at their own pace.

We are inspired by a love of teaching, the desire to reach homebound students in the wake of COVID-19, and the will to empower those coping with mental illness to achieve mental health. Read More